Where do I start

Personal Website 💻

I have completely overhauled my personal website. It is more modern looking, has more animations, and has my resume. You will also see my name in there 😛

Minecraft Server ⛏

What happened 😢

So... I accidentally nuked it. I made a duplicate server of it to test plugins. When I was done though, I wanted to delete it. The regular server was named "mcserver" and the duplicate was named "server". I typed in the command to permanently delete it, but since I was so used to typing "mcserver" I put that in and accidentally nuked the server. The duplicate wasn't usable though since I first tried to delete it through SFTP, but that was taking a while so I decided to use the command.

The Future of the MC Server 🔮

Not all hope is lost though, I am making TWO (Yes, 2) servers in it's place. I cannot reveal details about that tho 😉

What I have been doing these past few days 📚

I have been learning MERN stack, learning Electron, stressing about music school aaaand making the website overhaul.

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