Happy 2020 v2!

Happy New Years! 🎉

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve (or whatever it is in English)! Glad I am very late with my blog posts because hooh boy 2021 did not start out as well as we allll hoped (but hey, atleast 2020 didnt end with an apocalypse!). The Capitol riots were crazy (and ngl kinda fun to watch as a European). Biden won and appears to be a good president (but there have only been like 4 days and I kiiiiiiiiiiinda actually really don't care about american politics or politics in general so I don't really watch news about them).

Updates ⬆️

Newsletter update 📰

So, I've been using Zoho as my mail provider, its nice to use, has a free tier and is generally a great service... except that IMAP/POP (aka like the email auth thingy) is paid! Yeah yeah it is a petty thing but I really don't have cash to spare soooo I will abandon it for now. I also need to figure out how to even create an automatic newsletter with my skills. Zoho mail plan pricing Quick editorial update: So as it turns out it is 8,40 USD on sale (aka 6,47 EUR which I will be using instead of USD) a YEAR per user, so considering I already have 5 users and plan to have even more, I will have to pay a minimum of 32,35 EUR a year which is honestly not that bad, I thought it was 6,47 EUR per user a month. Also, it says it is for "your 1st subscription" so I presume it will be 6,47 EUR for the duration of the subscription buuuttt it might just go to 9,86 EUR a year per user which would be around a minimum of 49,30 EUR a year in total (again, not bad since I thought it would be per month instead of per year).

Website updates 💻

So, I havent exactly been doing a lot with the website. All I've done is add Vue.JS so it can pull education, services, experience and languages I know from https://api.exerra.xyz/users/Exerra/stats.json and just updated my CDN.

Personal updates

I got an M1 Mac Mini, which means that I can now make apps for Apple products! Other than that nothing much.

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