Several Things 😜

Changes to the Website 🛠

Themes 🖌

I have removed individual customizable elements (Background and Text color), and I have replaced them with Themes. Right now, there are 4 themes. List:

  • Default (Zero Two wallpaper and Pink color)
  • Big Sur (Big Sur wallpaper and Orange color)
  • Aqua (Konosuba Aqua wallpaper and Blue color)
  • Galaxy (Anime Galaxy wallpaper and Purple color)

Settings ⚙

Previously, whenever you went into settings, there was a prompt. That wasn't very pretty and was difficult to use, especially on mobile. To fix that, I have added a menu that pops in whenever you press the setting button.

Music 🎵

I have recently released 3 new songs (2 are just alternate versions of the 1st), all of which are a part of the School album. Check it out here

Movies 🎬

I have recently gotten my hands on Hulu and HBO Max, and I want to know if anyone would be down to watch movies together. If you are interested, message me on Discord. My username: Occult Waifu#1659

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