Karen Bot, API, Websites

Hiya! This will have way more subjects than I usually do so lets get into it!

Karen Bot πŸ€–

Refractured code ⌨️

I changed how Karen Bot reads commands which was something I was putting off for a loooooong time πŸ˜…

Thankfully I only had to change around 50 files so it only took around a day πŸ“†

With this way I have a way easier time managing permissions, command names (before they used to take the file name but now I can name the file however I want but it wont impact the command name), alias, better args handling and if a command fails it won't stop the whole bot, instead it would just not load the command πŸ₯³


So I have added a new feature to Karen Bot called AntiNSFW. If it is enabled, it scans every image uploaded and if the AI decides its a NSFW image and the channel is SFW it deletes the image

The AI is not mine so the service might cut me off 😟 (Let's hope they don't though!)

Settings βš™οΈ

Speaking of enabled features, Karen Bot now has settings!

I will not spoil them all since most are in development but currently released are Welcome, AntiSwear, ModLog (for some moderation commands) and AntiNSFW.

Guild backups ⛅️

I have started work on making Guild backups a thing for Karen Bot! Only server owners will be able to do that for quite obvious reasons but it would ensure a nice way to just have some peace in mind that when you accidentally click that delete button (looking at you Brax) you will be able to restore your work quite easily.

API πŸ–¨οΈ

Karen Bot πŸ€–

I have opened up the profile endpoints for restricted use! πŸ˜„

Yeah that's right. You need 24/7 profile hosting that is shared across multiple services? My API is the way to go then!

To apply, just shoot off a quick email to [email protected] with the subject being "Applying For API" and the body being

Project name: [Project name]

Project description: [Project description]

Where you want to use the API: [Description of where you want to use the API]

Project link/demo: [Link to demo or code]

Author GitHub: [Twitter, GitHub]

(replace the stuff in [] πŸ˜†)

It is a REST API using JSON.

CDN πŸ“„

I have created a CDN! The link is "cdn.exerra.xyz/files/". I like to put mp4 memes there.

Now you may be wondering how this under the API section. "Shouldn't it be under some other section?" - You pondered while (hopefully) sipping some peach ice tea🍹

Well dear viewer, the reason is that I have made endpoints that a few select people have! I do not want to give them SSH access so I just made endpoints. Literally thats it. No, I did not spend 10 minutes trying to make one sentence entertaining, shut up.

Websites πŸ“‘

Documentation ✏️

I have made documentation for the API and commands page for Karen Bot. Both can be found here

Status page ☠️

I have made a status page which has the status for all of my (public) projects!

It features a mailing list and automatic tweeting so when an incident happens it can automatically notify everyone interested (BTW Follow me on Twitter please!)

It can be found here.

Karen Bot πŸ€–

Redesign πŸ–‹οΈ

I have started work on a redesign for Karen Bots website! It won't be available for a long time and I am not even sure if I will release it πŸ˜…

Also soon there will be a stats thingy added to the existing one

Dashboard βš™οΈ

I have started work on a dashboard for Karen Bot that will let people toggle and change settings in a website! I need to figure out how to do Discord OAuth first though πŸ‘€

Mail βœ‰οΈ

Remember when I ranted about prices? Yeah me too

So lets-a jump into it! (You know like the stereotypical italian accent thingy? No? Ok fine)

So IMAP/POP is currently only supported in paid plans and I kind of really need it for newsletters and stuff so I have no choice but to get a paid plan.

I will choose the "Mail Lite" plan which offers quite 5GB of storage for every user and has all the stuff I would want (including custom login screen!!!!!) and it is 4,50€ a month for 5 users. With it I could finally start work on a newsletter. If you guys know of better services that maybe have more features or are cheaper (πŸ‘€) then shoot a quick e-mail to [email protected]! (But like do not include Google)

Stuff to expand my pea brain 🧠

I will start learning some JS frameworks that I don't know yet, maybe pick up some books about them idk.

I will also start focusing on Swift and maybe later learn Flutter just so I can make apps and stuff for mobile devices (Sadly no electron for mobile)

Β© whatever year it is right now