I came, I saw, I caved

This will be a bit of a more diverse post. I usually focus only on my coding stuff but right now I wanna experiment with a bit more personal stuff. So, uh, lets jump right into it?



So, the title of this post represents this. I caved into the analytics. Yes, for some time already this blog has analytics, bUt ThE reSuLTs mIgHt shOcK yOu!11!!!

So, I am pretty privacy oriented and I try to make my stuff like that aswell, so I haven't included Google Analytics in any of my websites for like over a year. This means that I had to figure out something else, but what could it be? Google Analytics features a robust dashboard with a lot of info, but it's Google! "Maybe there are other privacy oriented analytics websites around there? - Amelia thought to herself. "But what could it be?". Well, dear reader, the solution is a custom built analytics tool. This way I have absolutely complete control over the data that gets processed and stored. With other solutions I always felt like they could store data about *you* and that is not cool, your data needs to be protected! Thats why this video is sponsored by express vpn ;)

Kidding, kidding this blog has no sponsorships (sadly (companies give me money cmon)). Anyway I built a pretty simple analytics engine that quite literally just takes the slugs (aka the thing that comes after "domain.xyz/" and the platform (website, email, twitter, your mom in my bed and so on).

Dont fear, Karen Bot is here! oh wait shes actually here help shes screaming at the manager oh god i need to leave now

Karen Bot will have a dashboard, hell yeah!

Oh and it's in a lot of guilds but thats more about the bot

What's been happening the past few weeks


Hell yeah you heard it right! I'm making a hackintosh 😎

So essentially what you need to know is that I am very smart and did it completely by myself with noooo outside help... oh who am I kidding of course I had help! @MrGcGamer helped me out a lot. They essentially redid my config and got rid of useless stuff. Without Gc, I couldn't even boot into the installer! Ikr, I need to get smorter on this topic immidiately!

Anyway jokes aside, Gc has been a massive help and I am very thankful about that 😄

I have macOS installed on my laptop (which meant wiping the entire drive and reformatting to APFS with the GUID partition table, which means that RIP binbows but it was shit anyways) and some things are working, some are not but I can use macOS.

So I'ma list the things that currently work and don't work


  • Backlight
  • Webcam
  • Audio (In and Out)
  • Keyboard
  • Battery sensort
  • USB ports
  • Probably some other stuff i forgot

Not working:

  • Touchpad
  • Wireless communications (Wi-Fi and Blueshi- sorry I accidentally coughed I meant Bluetooth)
  • Closing the lid does nothing
  • Fingerprint scanner (Although I think only Apple fingerprint scanners work, nothing else)

So overall, I need to desperately fix Touchpad and the lid, and then I can chill a bit and work on Wireless communications :)

Also apps like photoshop work flawlessly, so I will attach an image below

Screenshot of photoshop

And as you can see, I of course went with the latest and greatest (public release), macOS Big Sur.

I am super excited about a portable music making and coding machine and I will keep everyone informed with the progression of this hackintosh 😊


So, I've been learning Swift and SwiftUI, and I gotta say, it is super nice actually. It is quite a fun language and it is fun seeing your app come to life. I am working on a small invoice generation app that works both on macOS and iOS (although UI is much better on iOS), has Touch/Face ID on iOS and can even automatically e-mail the invoice to the client. Cool beans, but I won't attach a screenshot, sorry.

PayPal is a bitch

PayPal needs to stop keeping my money on hold when someone sends it to me, give it back you greedy bastards!

Channels I like to watch that aren't super popular

Hell yeah lets go this will be long


bezserca is a friend of mine who makes music. I like her music and I feel like you guys might like it too. Please check it out and listen to a few of her songs 😊

Answers in Progress

Answers in Progress is an amazing channel where there are these 3 people who teach you and themselves about a bunch of stuff. A lot of videos have Sabrina in them who is actually the person in the channel picture. She knows how to code (I think) and has made a few videos where she codes something for a video, fails but we still get a lesson or something IDK JUST GO WATCH IT ITS GOOD


Technology Connections

This one might not be too unknown, but I really like his videos.

Technology Connections is an educational channel that teaches about various kinds of things. Don't get me wrong though, he isn't teaching the ABC's or what is 2+2; Technology Connections teaches big people stuff like how Heat Pumps work, what are coffee perculators and how they work and so on. I really enjoy his content and you might too


DankPods is a special case of reviewer. He doesn't fuss about professionalism, his thicc australian accent delivers the review in a funny, entertaining and cool way. He seriously is amazing, been watching since his second video and he brought me into the audio world :)

High Boi




mikeburnfire is a channel where two friends play (primarily) Fallout: New Vegas and tell jokes and just make it entertaining. There are also campfire stories where they just say stories about primarily their time in the army and marines. Super fun to watch imo and I watch as soon as I see an episode drop


PwnFunction makes videos on exploits and so on. In their videos they explain and demonstrate various exploits and although their videos are way more relaxed than the rest of the channels I have currently mentioned, it is still quite entertaining if you are into that kind of stuff

Faline San

A teenager who makes content, Faline San

I like her videos, thats it

Lisa Nguyen

Lisa Nguyen post videos and YouTube Shorts where she makes food and stuff like that. Makes me super hungry but I really like her calm videos and quite interesting to see how others make food.




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