Newlsetter liftoff in T-0 seconds

It's me again, this time with an actually useful update. Here I will cover my newsletter and Karen Bot

Newsletter πŸ“°

So, what's up with the title?

GUESS WHAT. Yeah you guessed right probably. The newsletter is done! πŸ˜„ You can subscribe to it over at Upon subscribing it sends an email (that google thinks is spam (damn you google!)) telling you that you are subscribed and has a link inside that will unsubscribe you.

If you don't see the link, check your spam inbox and mark it as not spam, then maybe add it in your contacts or something so it always falls in your inbox.

Newsletter subscription email

So, this is how the subscription e-mail looks. There's more at the bottom but I'm sure you can subscribe and see for yourself πŸ˜‰

aaaand this is how the unsubscribe email looks

Newsletter un-subscribe email

Pretty cool right? 😎

Each blog update looks pretty neat too, but again, subscribe to find out how it looks πŸ˜‰ (Might take a while though, I'm a bit slow with blog updates)

Cool beans, how about my data? Who will you sell my email to?

Dani saying "shut"

NO DATA BEING SOLD. How dare you think that I sell your data, SMH πŸ˜’. Anyway, no data is being shared, your email addresses are safe don't worry, Peter.

No data being shared? Great! How often will I get updates, are they spam?

No spam, ever. You will only get an update when a blog post has been released or updated!

Misc stuff

So, because the blog updates get sent using BCC, I figured that I should add this

Basically, when you get the e-mail, you will see that it is addressed to "The-most-special-person-in-the-world" and the email would be "[email protected]". I hope to brighten someones day with that 😊

Anyway, next topic!

Karen Bot πŸ€–

Beep boop Spotify data collection update


Most of the data collection is done already, I just need to implement it in the backend and also in Karen Bot. I have some issues with a few things I decided to add but they will get ironed out and then this feature will get added to Karen Bot! Yay, right?

Boopity Beepity what else have you done?

I have done a simple Crypto command, revamped help, added a profile delete command (long time coming haha) that needs to be documented, started work on an improvement command and will soon start kick and mute. Oh, and Elder Scrolls Onlineβ„’ status command (not done yet though)!

When the time calls near, and it's time to leave, lets hit the back button and move it πŸ”™

So, this is the end. I hope you enjoyed this blog update. There is more to come soon, but it's secret for now 🀫

As always, I try to be as transparent as possible and if you have any criticism and/or opinions, contact me thru email ([email protected]) or thru Twitter (@Exerra) πŸ˜€

Β© whatever year it is right now