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02 Jun 2021 ~ 2 min read

Newsletter time

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This will be a super small update, but an update nevertheless.
SO, I've been working on a newsletter! Basically it sends an automatic e-mail when a new blog entry is created or updated. Currently I am working on UI for subscribing and UI for unsubscribing.

Subscribe UI

So, I will plaster it accross my blog and probably use cookies to hide it if a person is already subscribed. I imagine it to be a small modal, not a big popup but something like a snackbar.

Image of a Material UI popup

Source: Material.io

It will have a brief intro about what the newsletter does, a text field to input the email, a subscribe button and of course a close button.

Unsubscribe UI

So, currently on subscribtion emails you get sent a link to unsubscribe, which is pretty easy to do since the email is sent only to you. BUT the newsletter updates that get sent, get sent using BCC which means that there is no personalization. To combat this, I will make a probably simple and not elegant UI which lets you input the email address and unsubscribe.

Muh spam

Yeah... no spam here. I don't write constant blog updates and you only get emails when a new blog entry is created or updated :)


So this is the end. I hope you liked the idea, if not then give me feedback wherever you can. Also please do subscribe (when the option is available) if you like my blog. Reaching out to people is hard, especially if a lot of people accidentally stumble unto this because of a google search or something :)

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