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Projects on the horizon

I've released Benchmarks, am working on Identity and have news about my CDN and the horizon.

— 04 Oct 2022

I've been quite busy

Release of a package, rework of a website and plans for CDN improvement.

— 18 Aug 2022

The silence, it's deafening

I've been gone for a while, but I've released a package, improved Karen Bot & API.

— 07 Nov 2021

I came, I saw, I caved

I am trying to make a hackintosh, come check out how well I am doing.

— 05 Jul 2021

Newsletter time

I am working on a newsletter, come find out about it!

— 02 Jun 2021

Data Collection for Karen Bot

I am thinking about adding data collection. Find out more details in this post.

— 23 May 2021

Karen Bot, API, Websites

I have refractured the code for Karen Bot, added NSFW-related features and made an API.

— 29 Mar 2021

Happy 2020 v2!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve, I have some slight updates about the newsletter and website.

— 24 Jan 2021


Small blog update about the future & Vercel domain guide

— 06 Jan 2021

Where do I start

The MC server is gone, but I have overhauled my website

— 21 Oct 2020

Minecraft Server ⛏

I have made a 1.16.2 Java Minecraft server, come check it out!

— 07 Sep 2020

Several Things 😜

The website has some more customisability + some music got released 👀

— 27 Aug 2020

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Hi, I'm Exerra. I'm a full-stack developer from Latvia . You can follow me on Twitter, see some of my work on GitHub, or read more about me on my website.